OK I Give Up!!! – Part 3!!!

Posted on Saturday 10 May 2014


I’ve taken a look at my logs. “Unknown” sites are visiting a minimum of every hour to try and obviously plant SPAM on this site… I’m obviously posted on somebody’s list out there  👿

Add to that the fact that even after upgrading my Captcha tools – I was still getting SPAM  😯  So there are some VERY dedicated machines or a million monkeys typing really REALLY fast to crack all the codes 😥

So I thought I would take it to yet a higher level ( there are some really neat tools out there now that use graphics and mouse clicks to confirm you are a real person. ) Unfortunately, somewhere along the line when either Java stopped working ( or started complaining ) and the graphics were active ( but not visible ) things broke.  🙁

Both the footer and the comment field and posted comments are no longer visible   🙄

So at this point the smart thing to do would be to just roll back to the latest backup up… where of course I discovered that I had never installed backups on my own site 😳 I did it for all the other ones but never for my own…. go figure….

So, now I have to set up my backups and eventually go back and fix what ever broke, where ever it broke…

One big advantage… Spammers can’t post either  – so I think I’ll take my time fixing this one… and maybe, just maybe, somebody will drop me off that list  😉

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