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Merry Christmas

Well it’s Gipp Forster Christmas time now…. everyone coming to my site is looking for Gipp’s recordings, and unfortunately many of my old links no longer work. So I thought I would go looking to find where we can find Gipp this year. What a pleasant surprise I had when I came across this video […]

Spending Christmas with Gipp Forster

Well, to be truthful I’ve never met this wonderful gentleman. Save for listening to him over the radio, and eventually listening to his recordings. But every year at this time I hear from a LOT of people who are looking for him and want to spend time with him the way I’ve been doing. Why […]

My Kindle

( Help Desk andMy Time andWWW )

So I’ve been spending the last little while with a new gadget I bought, about a month back. The Kindle Graphite/K3 WiFi version and I have to tell you – I’m really impressed! Some have asked me why I didn’t get the iPad, and others have asked why I didn’t go with another e-reader ( […]

A B2 Notifier For Gmail Apps

( Windows andWWW )

My wife has started working with another team, doing bookkeeping, accounting and  such. One of the challenges she was set up with was an email account via Gmail Apps. So while it was Gmail ( an email service available from Google ), normal Gmail mail notifiers wouldn’t work with it. Which means she had to […]

A WordPress Flash Player

So as you may ( or maybe not ) have noticed. I had a bit of a problem with a video on my last post. The problem was that I inserted a link to a you-tube video that ended up being removed and since it was the center of my story, it was kind of […]