Merry Christmas

Posted on Thursday 16 December 2010

Well it’s Gipp Forster Christmas time now…. everyone coming to my site is looking for Gipp’s recordings, and unfortunately many of my old links no longer work. So I thought I would go looking to find where we can find Gipp this year. What a pleasant surprise I had when I came across this video on You-Tube. How can anyone not resist watching this, the music, the words and the magic found in Gipp’s own garage. He is and so it is (courtesy of Dale Baglo’s YouTube Account who wrote the music)… Magical…

Here is a great article about Gipp and his Christmas garage – I really think the man is Santa in disguise!

Oh and before I forget… Here are some of the latest links that I’ve found for you. Hopefully these will stay valid for a long, long time, but if they don’t let me know and I’ll see what I can do to update them – it seems to be something of a Christmas tradition for me now – Merry Christmas!

Dale Baglo Broadcasting where one can still order the recordings for broadcast on the radio – why radio stations aren’t snapping these up boggles my mind

Senior Living Magazine. Where you can find online articles by Gipp as well as order his two CD’s

Gipp Forster’s Ramblings. Where Gipp can use his skills to pen something special for you. Unfortunately no CD’s are available here, but if you want to have Gipp write something special for you, you might want to check it out…

All the best for this and many more holiday seasons – A Very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Jason Said,

    I am looking to purchase a Christmas cd from Gipp Forster. Could some-one provide me the exact link to make the purchase. Please contact me at the following – Jason



  2. Rick Said,

    Hey Jason

    Unfortunately your email got caught in the Spam filter – my apologies…

    I’ve checked my previous sources and you are right, the CD’s are not listed as available any more… so I’m on “The Quest” yet again. I’ll let you know and of course post what I’ve found. Wish me luck,

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  4. » It Feels Like Christmas Said,

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