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When I was a kid, a long LONG time ago now, I dreamt of the day when hover cars would cover the road. GM actually even sent me some prototype information on cars it thought it would have by the 1990’s. Well that’s long gone now and the closest we’ve ever come to hover cars […]

What the F…?

Don’t panic that F… doesn’t stand for what you think it does, read on… So my wife ran into problems with her email a couple of days ago. She uses the latest version of Thunderbird for her email and our Internet provider is Rogers. Rogers, for what ever reason, uses Yahoo mail services. I certainly […]

The Apple TV

( Apple andMind Cramp )

I know, but taxes can wait until I at least get this little rant off my chest.  😯 As you may, or may not know, Apple is launching some new products this week – tomorrow to be precise. And the rumour mill is running wild on what the new products will be. The fact is […]

When is a Backup NOT a Backup…

( Apple andLinux andMind Cramp andWindows )

When it uses iTunes…. unfortunately 👿 Don’t get me wrong, iTunes does a great job of keeping track of music, pictures and any app’s that you may have installed from their store…. but it’s the little things that it ignores. You know, like configuration files! Here is the set up… I have an iPad and […]

A “Source” of Sadness

Actually it’s more like amazement and frustration than sadness…. and I’m talking about “The Source”. Or what used to be called, in Canada, Radio Shack. I did a quick drop in to the store today, to check out a piece of technology that they “used” to be good at. Door/proximity alarm systems…. they used to […]