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What the F…?

Don’t panic that F… doesn’t stand for what you think it does, read on… So my wife ran into problems with her email a couple of days ago. She uses the latest version of Thunderbird for her email and our Internet provider is Rogers. Rogers, for what ever reason, uses Yahoo mail services. I certainly […]

A Comment on Your Comments

Well I just did a troll through my Spam Trash for the past 6 months or so, and I must apologize to at least 5 valid comments that I found in it. I am so sorry! Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am not as active on the site as I would like to […]

Neat Virtual Storage Ideas

( Apple andLinux andTechie Things andWindows andWWW )

So, just in case you weren’t aware – Apple and the amazing Steve Jobs, have just announced the new iPad 2. And for those who may not have heard of this….. click on the links to learn more. It’s pretty cool. As it should happen, I’m in a position right now to spend some money […]

The Kindle Users Forum

( My Time andWWW )

There is this great new ( for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) forum for the Kindle that I think everyone needs to check out. Suffice to say it’s called the Kindle Users Forum. It will give you not only access to a lot of good information about what is happening in the Kindle World, but it will […]

My Kindle

( Help Desk andMy Time andWWW )

So I’ve been spending the last little while with a new gadget I bought, about a month back. The Kindle Graphite/K3 WiFi version and I have to tell you – I’m really impressed! Some have asked me why I didn’t get the iPad, and others have asked why I didn’t go with another e-reader ( […]