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A B2 Notifier For Gmail Apps

( Windows andWWW )

My wife has started working with another team, doing bookkeeping, accounting and  such. One of the challenges she was set up with was an email account via Gmail Apps. So while it was Gmail ( an email service available from Google ), normal Gmail mail notifiers wouldn’t work with it. Which means she had to […]

My Coffee Cup Icon

( WordPress andWWW )

So as you may ( or not ) have noticed I’ve been doing a little tinkering with my blog over the last little while. The most noticeable change is the Coffee Cup icon and in case you hadn’t noticed I’ve actually done two different things with it. The first one was pretty straight forward. I […]

CherryPal Pie, Re-cut

So another problem that I just fixed with my CherryPal Bing has been overcome. This one needed a lot more prep work in advance ( in case things went wrong ) compared to the actual fix, which was pretty straightforward. The problem was the hard drive. The bing comes with a great little 160GB drive. […]

Can’t get a CBC Podcast?

( My Time andWWW )

I was lamenting my lot today. CBC radio has this wonderful show called “The Age of Persuasion” which has tons and tons and tons of insight into the advertising world, how it works, where it came from etc etc. It’s one of my most favourite CBC radio shows. And of course I yet again caught […]

Christmas is in the Air

This time of year is when Christmas slowly creeps into my veins, it’s the little things, not the advertising that does it. When my wife and I were younger we always started our Christmas shopping the day after Remembrance Day ( Nov 11 ), but that was before the Internet and on-line shopping. We also […]