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OK I Give Up! – NOT!

Okay – I think I can finally and tentatively declare Victory! A few lessons learned from this ugly business. The biggest one was that while it was pretty obvious that most of the spammers were automatic, there were two types! One group obviously used the comment forms on posts directly. Creating comments on random postings, […]

OK I Give Up!

👿 To say that I am grumpy and upset right now is an understatement 👿 I don’t want to tell you how many hundreds of  spammy crappy comments I’ve had to delete this past week. Someone out there has either listed me as an easy target or a dead site that everyone can post all […]

Three Months and Still Very Happy!

So it’s been just over 3 months, as we head into the latter part of December, that we pulled the plug on our Cable ( to be truthful on our Satellite – we dropped Cable 5 yrs earlier due to costs! ) We haven’t missed it once and saving $$$ every month isn’t bad either! […]

A “Source” of Sadness

Actually it’s more like amazement and frustration than sadness…. and I’m talking about “The Source”. Or what used to be called, in Canada, Radio Shack. I did a quick drop in to the store today, to check out a piece of technology that they “used” to be good at. Door/proximity alarm systems…. they used to […]

iPhone to iPad to Mobile me to iDisk to ?

Yep, I’ve been away for a while again…. not that I haven’t been busy. I’ve been up to my eyeballs ( and beyond 🙄 ) in work. It would seem all that volunteer work I’ve been doing for some of the local websites in town has turned into a demand for businesses to update/manage/create their […]