OK I Give Up!

Posted on Thursday 1 May 2014

👿 To say that I am grumpy and upset right now is an understatement 👿

I don’t want to tell you how many hundreds of  spammy crappy comments I’ve had to delete this past week. Someone out there has either listed me as an easy target or a dead site that everyone can post all their CRAPPY and I do mean CRAPPY ads for Kohl this or Versache that!

I used to have a CAPTCHA entry on my website a couple years ago, but it eventually became unsupported and it no longer seemed necessary… I only got one or two spams a month, which the other software on this site takes care of.

Well, it still takes care of the crap, marking and putting it into my SPAM folder for future deletion, but I suspect someone thinks that’s a good spot to put all their crappy links! It shouldn’t be, but maybe it is…  😡

So I’ve instituted a new CAPTCHA utility on ALL comments (logged in or not) – hopefully it will put these robots to rest for a while.

I’ve gone with a math CAPTCHA instead of an image or word one… hopefully it works and still lets through those few who like to post (and who I do appreciate!) You’ll find it at the bottom of your comment window and you can’t post the comment until you do the math… hopefully you won’t find it too difficult  😯

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