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The XP iCloud Connection

( Apple andWindows )

So as you are no doubt aware by now – I have an iPhone and an iPad and a Windows XP environment within Virtualbox on my Ubuntu server to back them up and maintain them. How does this all fit in with Apple’s new release of IOS 5 and their new iCloud structure? The quick […]

1994… and the birth of the iPad?!

( Apple andMy Time )

I originally sent this out as an email to my friends, but I’ve done so much research putting this all together… and the thing is so freakin’ amazing that I thought I’d better post it here as well… Everyone who has looked at the history of Apple – in particular the Mac have learned about […]

A Comment on Your Comments

Well I just did a troll through my Spam Trash for the past 6 months or so, and I must apologize to at least 5 valid comments that I found in it. I am so sorry! Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am not as active on the site as I would like to […]

When is a Backup NOT a Backup…

When it uses iTunes…. unfortunately 👿 Don’t get me wrong, iTunes does a great job of keeping track of music, pictures and any app’s that you may have installed from their store…. but it’s the little things that it ignores. You know, like configuration files! Here is the set up… I have an iPad and […]

A “Source” of Sadness

Actually it’s more like amazement and frustration than sadness…. and I’m talking about “The Source”. Or what used to be called, in Canada, Radio Shack. I did a quick drop in to the store today, to check out a piece of technology that they “used” to be good at. Door/proximity alarm systems…. they used to […]