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When is a Backup NOT a Backup…

( Apple andLinux andMind Cramp andWindows )

When it uses iTunes…. unfortunately ๐Ÿ‘ฟ Don’t get me wrong, iTunes does a great job of keeping track of music, pictures and any app’s that you may have installed from their store…. but it’s the little things that it ignores. You know, like configuration files! Here is the set up… I have an iPad and […]

MobileMe iDisk on Ubuntu

( Apple andLinux )

So – now that things are working again…. for now ๐Ÿ™„ , I thought I’d chat about something that worked the first time out – and it worked really Really well! As I’ve mentioned, I’ve fallen down the rabbit-hole vis-a-vis Apple. I thought that I would give their MobileMe feature a try since I now […]

NVIDIA Problems with my ATI Graphics Card

( Linux andMind Cramp )

So once again I’ve proven to myself that Ubuntu – my favourite operating system STILL isn’t ready for prime time! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ I would have thought that after two years of getting things “better” they would have gotten some of the basic stuff right! I mean I ranted about problems with ATI Cards and Ubuntu TWO […]

Neat Virtual Storage Ideas

( Apple andLinux andTechie Things andWindows andWWW )

So, just in case you weren’t aware – Apple and the amazing Steve Jobs, have just announced the new iPad 2. And for those who may not have heard of this….. click on the links to learn more. It’s pretty cool. As it should happen, I’m in a position right now to spend some money […]

Easy Video Editing with EasyMPEG and DVBCUT

( Linux andWindows )

Let me give you a bit of background here on one of my favorite Video Tools… For a long, long, LONG time I’ve depended on an amazing little tool developed for Windows, called EasyMPEG. This little program, which doesn’t’ take up much space has been without a doubt the most indispensable tool within my vast […]