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The XP iCloud Connection

( Apple andWindows )

So as you are no doubt aware by now – I have an iPhone and an iPad and a Windows XP environment within Virtualbox on my Ubuntu server to back them up and maintain them. How does this all fit in with Apple’s new release of IOS 5 and their new iCloud structure? The quick […]

When is a Backup NOT a Backup…

( Apple andLinux andMind Cramp andWindows )

When it uses iTunes…. unfortunately 👿 Don’t get me wrong, iTunes does a great job of keeping track of music, pictures and any app’s that you may have installed from their store…. but it’s the little things that it ignores. You know, like configuration files! Here is the set up… I have an iPad and […]

Neat Virtual Storage Ideas

( Apple andLinux andTechie Things andWindows andWWW )

So, just in case you weren’t aware – Apple and the amazing Steve Jobs, have just announced the new iPad 2. And for those who may not have heard of this….. click on the links to learn more. It’s pretty cool. As it should happen, I’m in a position right now to spend some money […]

A B2 Notifier For Gmail Apps

( Windows andWWW )

My wife has started working with another team, doing bookkeeping, accounting and  such. One of the challenges she was set up with was an email account via Gmail Apps. So while it was Gmail ( an email service available from Google ), normal Gmail mail notifiers wouldn’t work with it. Which means she had to […]

The 4 Laser Beamz

So I just got an update of a neat new product coming out for the Beamz. It’s an interactive music DVD by Eugene Groove called Groove on This. Where you get to play along with all his #1 hits using the Beamz. The neat thing is that he is playing on a 4 laser beam […]