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The 4 Laser Beamz

So I just got an update of a neat new product coming out for the Beamz. It’s an interactive music DVD by Eugene Groove called Groove on This. Where you get to play along with all his #1 hits using the Beamz. The neat thing is that he is playing on a 4 laser beam […]

Kids n Beamz

I think my wife had an ulterior motive when she got me my Beamz… I really think that she saw how great it would be for kids faster than anyone I’ve ever seen and probably thought that I would be the best guinea pig/demonstrator for it… I don’t know, and she won’t admit to it, […]

New BEAMZ Coupon

There has been a fair bit of interest generated the article I wrote about my Beamz. I have to tell you it’s a pretty neat/addictive device. The more I play with it the more I like it. Even my 5 & 7 year old grandsons enjoy playing it. They really like to use it as […]

My Beamz

So my wife bought me an amazing little gadget a little while ago, and I have to tell you, it’s amazing…. It’s called  “Beamz“, and while it may have been around for a while, I think it’s finally getting some deserved notice. I think it originally must have had some bad marketing, because you can […]