Kids n Beamz

Posted on Wednesday 11 August 2010

I think my wife had an ulterior motive when she got me my Beamz… I really think that she saw how great it would be for kids faster than anyone I’ve ever seen and probably thought that I would be the best guinea pig/demonstrator for it… I don’t know, and she won’t admit to it, but I suspect it somewhat none the less!

Not that I’m complaining, I love my Beamz and would have a hard time parting with it! The really neat thing is that the Beamz is starting to catch on, and as a result more effort is going into supporting it and expanding it’s capabilities. Which of course has lead me to other people who are heavily involved in it’s growth. They are an amazing group and extremely dedicated! If you are looking for any of these people, as well as community support for the Beamz then I recommend that you check out The Beamz Community – Here, after you join, you can post questions, and interact with what I think are some of the most amazing people supporting the Beamz!

But I digress….

My wife is a member of our local Kiwanis Group, whose main goal is helping and supporting kids in our community. Last night she arranged for me to demo the Beamz to the group ( which of course I did. ) They are a pretty creative bunch, and the demo went over like gang-busters! With more ideas flying around than I have space to type – seriously!

What was really neat, was that one couple at the meeting had brought their children along, and they ( the kids ) also got really, really excited with the Beamz. I just stood back and let them have fun. It was really neat to see them experiment and try different things with it. Learning how to operate it as they went, one little girl ( the youngest ) would have taken it home with her if she could.

What a neat experience!

Here’s some more videos that I’ve recently come across that talk about the Beamz n Kids. Wow….

These first two videos are news reports regarding the Beamz and Kids

These last two videos are professionals in their field, talking about how the Beamz is used and helping them with their kids.

As there seems to be a lot of interest, and I’m getting a lot of hits, because of the Beamz, I’ve now made a category called My Beamz. Where you can find any and all articles that I’ve written about this great little device.

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