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A Laptop Repair

So, as I mentioned yesterday. I’ve been kind of busy of late. Christmas does that to pretty well everyone I know this time of year. That being said, I’ve still been able to fit in a computer emergency or two. The latest one was for my eldest daughters laptop. She got it from Dell just […]

Why We’re Grandparents

You may have noticed that I haven’t written much the last couple weeks. Trust me this isn’t because of lack of things to write/chat/rant about but rather just being too darned busy! Yes Christmas is coming which I think takes care of a good chunk of many peoples spare time this time of year. So […]

Oh the things Star Trek Kindled…

We were doing some online shopping on Amazon recently and stumbled upon an add for a new gadget that they are selling. Both my wife and I looked at it, and at almost the same time said “Star Trek”. Yep they’ve done it again… It’s kind of amazing when you look back upon that original […]

It Feels Like Christmas

Man. I have had a web search challenge that I have been working on for over three years! I kid you not. I just broke it this morning and I had to share it with someone. For the last few years, usually starting around December 1st some of the radio stations in Canada have carried […]

Xiangqi Anyone?

( My Time )

I can’t remember when I was first introduced to chess. I suspect it was either David (my cousin next door) or myself who first owned a game and I bet it was probably from one of those 30 games in one boxes that we used to get for Christmas when we were younger. I am […]