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Life’s Challenges

Well its been a while hasn’t it! It seems the sites main usefulness these days is almost at an end. Certainly can’t type the way I used to, nor play with the toys I used to like, but sadly the hit count for Gipp has gone down as he slowly fades into time. His count […]

Life’s Challenges

So , you may, or not, have wonder erred where I went to. I know it’s been a while. Well the short story is. I had a stroke a year last July. My right side was wiped out and is very slowly coming back.  Still can’t type properly, which is why I have taken so […]

OK I Give Up! – NOT!

Okay – I think I can finally and tentatively declare Victory! A few lessons learned from this ugly business. The biggest one was that while it was pretty obvious that most of the spammers were automatic, there were two types! One group obviously used the comment forms on posts directly. Creating comments on random postings, […]

OK I Give Up!!! – Part 4!!!!

Ok, comments are working now BUT 😯 It would seem while the “normal” user could not leave any comments – the spammers have been working around the clock anyways… obviously accessing the comment files directly!  👿 I managed to find an older version of the file that was corrupted – which is good as some […]

OK I Give Up!!! – Part 3!!!

Man I’ve taken a look at my logs. “Unknown” sites are visiting a minimum of every hour to try and obviously plant SPAM on this site… I’m obviously posted on somebody’s list out there  👿 Add to that the fact that even after upgrading my Captcha tools – I was still getting SPAM  😯  So […]