Life’s Challenges

Posted on Tuesday 6 December 2016

Well its been a while hasn’t it! It seems the sites main usefulness these days is almost at an end.

Certainly can’t type the way I used to, nor play with the toys I used to like, but sadly the hit count for Gipp has gone down as he slowly fades into time. His count had dropped below searches for “Lifeline to Victory” which was, for you who don’t knows great Global TV movie.

I tried to do what I could for his many fans who were looking for him. I certainly hope his “producer” finally polished hi recordings and got the on iTunes. But I would wager not. Which is a huge loss for us all…

Well I think it’s sad.

As you must know by now, I haven’t been doing much. Those few sentences above took way too much effort for me, with way too may corrections LOL. And I’m already sweating quite badly ` go figure.

So Ill keep this site up for Gipp. Hope the links within still work, and some joy can still be found.

Till then – Merry Christmas

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  1. john eaton Said,

    Thank you for all your work, and for helping keep Gipp’s legacy alive.

  2. Rick Said,

    Thanks John

    It’s good to know the website is still valuable to some! As for me ( if anyone is still curious ) doing better but unfortunately still hunt and pecking with not much energy. Thanks for commenting!

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