Welcome to NewVentures: Inside the mind of a retired Civil Servant/Techie…

This website is dedicated to all the retired or soon to be retired baby boomers and all those who might find this “new age” in our lives just a little bit tough.

This site has meant many things to me over the past few years. It started as a “business card” site, where friends and family could acquire and set up a simple one page web presence which would allow them to advertise themselves on the web, and usually then linked over to their business web site. Such as my wife’s Wellness Business, or my daughters professional performer website.

It, of course like me, couldn’t stay on just one topic and so now it has grown a “blog” or web log to those unfamiliar with the term. Here I hope to give others just a little insight inside my mind and all it’s nooks and cranny’s.

Sometimes I will post articles furiously for a week or two, and other times you may find nothing for six or seven months… basically as the wind blows and as I flit from one thing to another…

Welcome to inside the mind of a retired Civil Servant/Techie….. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together.

Rick Beetham