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A New Scanner for Linux

( Linux )

So, I have been working in Ubuntu for a while now and I have to admit – I’m liking it more and more. Which is really no surprise with my work background being in Unix. But I have to admit it’s rather nice not to come into the office and not find the computer rebooted […]

Capturing Your Desktop is now a Snap!

( Windows )

So my wife ran into a little problem a couple of weeks back. She had visited one of these online sites where you can design business cards and the like and she had spent some time developing something that she thought suitable for her business but wanted to review it with a couple of people […]

What Ever Happened to the HELP in Help-Desk?

As you may, or may not, have noticed my website was down for a while. Just about a week actually…. The problem was, possibly, a “gremlin” which is my name for a random piece of computer activity that just decides to go off and do it’s own thing, with no relationship to anything that it […]

Doing the Samba NTFS Shuffle

( Linux )

Dumb title – yeah I know – but I thought I would try to help those just browsing titles to get an idea what the article may be about ( yet another one of those “changes” that I am implementing – we’ll see how well this one goes…) By the way, this article is pretty […]

My WordPress Master Index

As you may have ( or not ) noticed, I’ve been working on some of my problem pages recently ( which for the most part many have been temporarily fixed.) During my search for knowledge, I have come across some pretty amazing and interesting web sites and a few of them have had a quick […]