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The Nerd Handbook

My daughter sent me a link today – with the comment “This explains sooooo much….” and after I checked out the link – I liked it so much I had to post it as a page within my own blog. Because it is sooooooooo true! So you can read it as a page within my […]

Picture Perfect!

( WWW )

I was working on a new website that one of my daughters had wanted me to set up and one of the things she really wanted was to showcase all the cakes that she has made. I did my homework and found several really good java scripts that did exactly what I wanted. They were […]

Flack over Flac

( Windows andWWW )

I introduced a buddy of mine to the concept of torrents. He was going to borrow my cassette/tape deck to transfer some of his old cassettes to CD/MP3 because he couldn’t find them in any stores. I recommended that he use uTorrent and check MiniNova (one of the “safer” ) torrent listing sites to see […]

An Old Option Returns

( Windows )

I had the opportunity to revisit a piece of software that I first evaluated about 8 years ago. Back then I was looking for a database engine for my Palm IIIc, ( which, of course, has been upgraded several times since then ). I had narrowed the choices down to two commercial packages, JFile and […]

I Have Created Fire!

( Linux )

As anyone who has seen that great move Cast Away with Tom Hanks ( and if you haven’t seen it, you really should! ) After struggling with his sticks ( trying to create a fire ) for what was probably weeks, he finally succeeds and he is so excited and energized that he is almost […]