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Posted on Monday 27 October 2008

My daughter sent me a link today – with the comment “This explains sooooo much….” and after I checked out the link – I liked it so much I had to post it as a page within my own blog. Because it is sooooooooo true!

So you can read it as a page within my blog ( and yes I asked for and received permission to do so from the author ) you can read it here – or you can also find it here – on the original website.

It will give you more insite within those few short paragraphs than anything else that I have read on the subject. If you want to know just what is going on with your nerdy/geeky/techie kid/brother/spouse/friend/? then read this article – it explains a lot!

He holds nothing back in his writing and is extremely insightful and can be irreverent – his whole blog is worth reading and checking out Where you will find postings on Tech Life, Management and Vegas.

Even now being happily being retired, I can certainly relate to the first two categories and aspire to the third! I would say that his blog is as good as a book – which by coincidence – he has published! Check out to find out more.

From what I have discerned from his website and Amazon this book isn’t so much about “Managing People” as it is in getting an insight about people from which you can then choose best your managing style. With emphasis of course, on “techie types!” It is available from Amazon here… Managing Humans

Above all else enjoy the article – it is well worth the read!

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