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Tagging MP3s with MP3TagTools

( Windows )

So if you recall, yesterday I was chatting about how great the WDTV is for playing audio by such things as performer and genre. What I didn’t mention yesterday, was the challenge I had finding all the songs I thought should have been marked as Christmas ( ’tis the season after all ) in the […]

WDTV Multimedia Heaven

So I got a neat little gadget from my daughter and her partner a while back – it’s called a WDTV or (Western Digital TeleVision) and I have to tell you – it’s pretty cool! I’ve been using it pretty extensively now for I think almost a year and it has worked flawlessly. What’s it […]

The “I’m right, your wrong”s…

So I’ve been distracted for the last couple of days trying to get a great little flight simulator called RealFlight to work on Virtualbox ( a stand alone Windows environment ) within my Ubuntu 9.10 environment. It would start the main menu, but then fail when I tried to go further, complaining that the graphics […]

Foxit – A PDF Viewer for Windows & Ubuntu!

( Linux andWindows )

As you are probably aware by now, almost every manual and “official” document that you find on the Internet ( and in business ) is in PDF (Portable Document Format). It was designed by Adobe Systems and ( thankfully ) in 2008 they released it as an open format. What this meant was that other […]

Christmas is in the Air

This time of year is when Christmas slowly creeps into my veins, it’s the little things, not the advertising that does it. When my wife and I were younger we always started our Christmas shopping the day after Remembrance Day ( Nov 11 ), but that was before the Internet and on-line shopping. We also […]