Christmas is in the Air

Posted on Friday 13 November 2009

This time of year is when Christmas slowly creeps into my veins, it’s the little things, not the advertising that does it. When my wife and I were younger we always started our Christmas shopping the day after Remembrance Day ( Nov 11 ), but that was before the Internet and on-line shopping. We also had a lot of out of town gifts to buy back then, and we wanted to make sure that we got the parcels in the mail in time to get to their destinations before Christmas. We don’t get out to the stores nearly as much as we used to. I assume that is true for a lot of people now ( or at least those reading this blog ) but I still think of those days…

Another thing that makes me think of Christmas this time of year is my blog – believe it or not…

I have to admit that I don’t get a lot of traffic, which is all right I suppose – it puts less demand on me delivering an article every day, but what has happened every year since I wrote my article on trying to find Gipp Forster’s recordings, is that my traffic starts to increase around this time as more and more people start searching for his Gipp’s Christmas recordings. ( I guess the radios aren’t playing him  and his stories as much as they used to ) and the main reason most people find my little old blog is because they are searching for him… I like to think that because of that one article, they have an easier way of finding him and that makes me feel quite warm inside…

I just reviewed that old article and checked all it’s links, and I’m glad to say that it still works, and you can still get to the website to order his CD’s and Books ( for those in a hurry here it is here…. and no I don’t get paid for it – save for the warm feelings that is ) unfortunately a sample that someone had graciously put a link in ( for those who may never have heard him )  no longer works, so I went looking for a new sound byte for you.

One of the first things that I did come across, was a very recent article, on the Senior Living website, written by Gipp. It’s a reminiscence of younger days and growing up and as I read it I could hear his voice… he really does have magic in it. You can find the article here They also now sell the CD’s of Gipp Forsters Christmas Volume 1 and Volume 2, so now there is a second source from which one can purchase his magical recordings!

I finally found an on-line sample, actually an advertisement from Dave Baglo Broadcast Productions for stations who can acquire Christmas Specials and recordings already formatted for broadcast, with that wonderful Chorus/jingl singing “It Feels Like Christmas” followed by a sample of Gipp… it’s magic….

I sure hope one of our local stations pick it up for the season…. it will really start to fell like Christmas when I hear that sound coming through the radio’s speakers….

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  1. Trevon Said,

    Thanks guys, I just about lost it loionkg for this.

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