Tagging MP3s with MP3TagTools

Posted on Wednesday 16 December 2009

So if you recall, yesterday I was chatting about how great the WDTV is for playing audio by such things as performer and genre.

What I didn’t mention yesterday, was the challenge I had finding all the songs I thought should have been marked as Christmas ( ’tis the season after all ) in the Christmas genre, they were all over the place. To the point that I was only playing about 1/5 of all the files I had saved as Christmas music! The rest were tagged as Holidays, Party, Jazz, Children’s, etc etc etc. How to fix them so that they were all marked as Christmas was my dilema.

Sure I could manually go in and edit the properties of each file individually, but that would have been painful and taken way too long. So I went on another quest, to find a tool that would let me “bulk update” a whole list of song cuts with the genre I thought they should be in, and not the one that the ripping software either thought it should be, or worse, that wasn’t marked at all….

This was a tougher task than I had thought. To me this is the sort of need, with all the iTunes and MP3 players out there, that tons of people had already fixed…. Now to be truthful, maybe that tool is available within some of these tools, like iTunes, but I don’t use them, nor do I want to. So, I had to find another way to do it.

Suffice to say, I found a gem called mp3tagtools, which works like a charm. It unfortunately only works in Windows (for those of us who like the Linux environment ) and doesn’t even play well with Wine. So it is strictly a Windows tool.

There really isn’t any installation, it’s a stand-alone tool. Just run it, or click on it,  and you will be presented with a GUI/window with which you can list all the music in a folder or a library. Within the list you can tag which cuts you wish to modify, select (there are dozens of genres already available ) or create your own and click “Write Tags” and it’s done. It’s that simple.

Actually it’s a little too simple, and dangerous, because there is no undo feature available, and since the last time this program was updated was in 2003, I suspect there won’t be any more features added either… pity, because it really does need an undo. Everyone makes mistakes…

What I recommend is to copy some songs to play with into a separate folder, so that you get familiar with how the program works and experiment a bit before trying to modify anything in your library.

If you look at the web page, it seems to be able to do other things as well, but for me, just the fact that it bulk updates my music files, is all I really needed it to do, and it does that very, very well.

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