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HDAT2 – The Ultimate Hard Drive Rescue Tool

( Linux andWindows )

So now that I’ve upgraded to a Karmic Koala, and am happy with most of the results, I’ve decided that it’s time to retire my old system ( all of 3 years…) and see what else I can do with it. Suffice to say, unfortunately, there are still a lot of things that don’t run […]

How to Dress up a Koala

( Linux )

So, as I mentioned my upgrade to Karmic Koala went pretty well without a hitch, it was certainly a lot easier than any Windows upgrade that I had done AND it went a lot faster and with fewer problems. That being said, the boys at Ubuntu are almost paranoid about anything that isn’t 110% free […]

A Jaunty Jackalope turns into a Karmic Koala…

( Linux )

For those who may not be aware “Jaunty Jackalope” is the name given by Ubuntu for their 9.04 version release and “Karmic Koala” is the name for the 9.10 release. I have been running with “Jaunty” for a while now, but big promises have been made that “Karmic” would fix a lot of what ailed […]

A Brilliant Article

( Mind Cramp andWWW )

For those who follow the goings and comings of the Internet, in particular it’s changes, both by technology and by law must be closely watching the goings on in England these days. Those “virtuous” organizations responsible for the protection of all the “stuff’ ( sorry I’m trying to be kind here ) coming out of […]

Trick or Treat – Internet Style

( Mind Cramp andWWW )

So the Halloween season is upon us and I am left on my own this year to decorate the pumpkin – my youngest seeing fit to reside in Toronto and my two grandsons off doing their own thing as well ( okay so they are actually in school but you get my meaning….) So step […]