A Jaunty Jackalope turns into a Karmic Koala…

Posted on Monday 2 November 2009

For those who may not be aware “Jaunty Jackalope” is the name given by Ubuntu for their 9.04 version release and “Karmic Koala” is the name for the 9.10 release.

I have been running with “Jaunty” for a while now, but big promises have been made that “Karmic” would fix a lot of what ailed it and while there wasn’t a lot that I had problems with, the big thing that convinced me to move on to the latest version was the promise of better graphic drivers for my ATI card. If you have been reading any of my past postings on this issue, you will note that this has been an ongoing headache/pain in the but for a long,m long time…..

So when a little button popped up on my display yesterday saying “click here to upgrade to version 9.10” I was kinda like a moth to a flame…. what did I have to lose? The worst scenario would be my having to rebuild everything that I had done to date and possibly a few corrupted disks, but what the heck…. I clicked on it and said sure we’ll give it a try……

While being nervous and awed at the same time I watched and responded to the few questions the upgrade had before giving it final okay…. Suffice to say this is a Major upgrade with many pieces of software either retired or moved into limbo and the upgrade steps you through everything to ensure you keep as much or as little as you would like. Being the adventurous type I said “sure go ahead, REMOVE all the old stuff and replace it where necessary”…. I have to admit I did have a pounding headache at the time, so it may have clouded my better judgement…

I am pleased to announce that after some massive downloads, deletions and installation, that my conversion to 9.04 went fairly well without a hitch…. anything that it wasn’t completely sure on, it left alone, and just disabled it so that it couldn’t interfere with the current operating system, and it let me know what it had done in case I wanted to review it myself… how civilized!

The whole process took about 45 minutes or so and the results were much better than I had hoped. Almost everything seemed to work without a problem (which I have to admit really, REALLY surprised me) as I recall many a problem with some previous Windows upgrades that I had performed in the past…

Over all I’m most impressed with Karmic Koala, my graphics card definitely performs better, and I’ve tested a couple of heavy duty 3d games on the new release and they actually work quite well compared to my “Jaunty” release and I have much more control as well. The only minor hiccup I have had to date was with the sound card during game play it sometimes broke down and sounded more like a badly tuned radio receiver bringing in static than proper sound, but some minor tweaking with “alsamixer” ( dropping the levels down a notch or two ) seemed to resolve them. Time will tell on that  one, as it seems to be an ongoing issue with 9.10 at this time. Here’s a few examples:

Over all I’m extremely pleased with the result and feel like I’ve really moved forward with improved performance. I guess time will tell…. and of course so will I if something comes up!

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