Trick or Treat – Internet Style

Posted on Tuesday 27 October 2009

So the Halloween season is upon us and I am left on my own this year to decorate the pumpkin – my youngest seeing fit to reside in Toronto and my two grandsons off doing their own thing as well ( okay so they are actually in school but you get my meaning….)

So step number one was the acquisition of a pumpkin…. which my lovely wife diligently delivered to me with the words “you carve it”….

I’ve never been one for the ghoulishness or glammer of Halloween, I just like seeing all the kids and watching them have fun…. so in my mind I thought a goofy face was best, and not being the best of artists, I thought I would see what I could find for free… This lead of course to my #1 resource Google, and searching the web for pumpkin face templates and this lead me to the writing of this article ( and for those of you who were wondering…. it’s not that I don’t have things to write about …. I just can’t find the time to put it down!!!! )

Google gave me all sorts of what appeared to be great hits, unfortunately even though I had stated +FREE in the search query, many still offered their creations at a price. Which of course I wasn’t willing to pay…. but what stunned me more than anything else…. were the number of entrapment sites and dangerous sites that I stumbled across. It was beyond scarey…

There was no way to tell, save from actually clicking on the google search item that there was any problem with them, it was only after, when my anti-malware software kicked in, that I realized that I had actually stepped on a web based land-mine and even then I stepped a couple times onto a web page that had nothing to do with the searched item (and was actually a redirection from the original/old/hijacked web-site ) and was attacked by either a scanning attempt or similar type of hack.

Thankfully running on a Linux system gave me a little bit longer immunity to bail out of those sites before damage was done ( once they start actively looking for Linux we could all be in trouble….) Suffice to say I reported those that I actually “stepped on” to Google’s own malicious website reporting page so that hopefully others may be saved from those sites that I found.

What has stunned me is that OVER ONE THIRD of the sites that I found were dangerous sites – ONE THIRD!!

This is beyond scarey, at this rate we may all be relegated back to gated web portals like AOL or Compuseve. The tricksters are out in force this Halloween, and they are on the web looking for your blood…. If I can get snuck up on like that, how can the average computer user stand a chance!?

The Internet is often referred to as “The Wild West”, and unfortunately that is quickly what it is becomming…. we need some Marshalls out there now… many of them and hopefully a Texas Ranger or two will arrive in a nick of time….. otherwise I’m not sure what the future will hold for us…

Here is the “Treat” part of my entry today…. I did manage to find a few decent Pumpkin Face templates/pattern web-sites that are safe (so far at least ) to visit, here they are here:

Hope you find what you are looking for on one of the web-sites above… Like I said it’s a pretty scarey world out there right now, so be safe, keep your spam checker, virus scanner and malware checker up-to-date and if you do step on something that wasn’t very nice I hope you get out of it without damage and are able to report it to google…..

jackolanternHappy Halloween…

End Article
  1. Rick Said,

    As a follow up I just came across these two articles on how dangerous sites are exploding on the Internet…. obviously I’m not the only one who has noticed these things…;col1

    Be safe out there…

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