The “I’m right, your wrong”s…

Posted on Tuesday 24 November 2009

So I’ve been distracted for the last couple of days trying to get a great little flight simulator called RealFlight to work on Virtualbox ( a stand alone Windows environment ) within my Ubuntu 9.10 environment.

It would start the main menu, but then fail when I tried to go further, complaining that the graphics card couldn’t handle pixel shaders ( a feature found in advanced graphics cards – which mine supposedly does. ) and I did my usual Google search looking for what other people may be trying or having problems with, and hopefully what they may have found that worked…

The best potential hit was on the RealFlight forum itself…. Which sort of made sense, if anyone has had experience with that sort of problem, I’ll probably find them there… and I actually found someone who was actually trying to get it to run in Wine ( another type of Windows emulator for Linux .) He was having problems getting the software to find the controller. I responded to him that I had installed RealFlight on my Virtualbox and it looked like it saw the controller ( it actually insisted that it be plugged in before continuing ) but that I ran into a pixel shader problem and thought that perhaps we were getting close because the main menu worked on my machine, but when I tried to go further the shader problem popped up. I asked if anyone had any experience with this issue and what they might recommend…

There were several others who mentioned that yeah, they tried too, but couldn’t get it to work and one or two who mentioned basically “give up” it’s a Windows program and it is only ever going to work on a Windows program… I mentioned that we may be starting to get close… and it was like I had pushed a button…

To minimize everything down to it’s sorry bottom line it was a case of whatever I said – I was wrong, because whatever the other person said – he was right. It went from being what I hoped would be a fun, fruitful and interesting discussion – to a negative response to whatever I said including all sorts of  “been there, done that, dont work” type comments from the other end. No real information on what was tried and what happened, just a straight out – “wont work because it wont”

It reminded me a lot about some of the other great blogs and forums that are out there ( ZDNet, PCMag, CNet, etc ) where ideas are raised and hopefully discussed, and questions are posed looking for answers, all of  which inevitably melts into a Linux/Windows/Mac sucks because Mac/Windows/Linux is the only thing that ever works right and will always be the best and “I’m right, you’re wrong”….

We have at our finger-tips one of the most powerful communications tools that man has ever created!

But… more and more it looks like humanity is devolving beyond kindergarten kids with no manners… petty little experts in their own minds who think the world needs to hear over and over and over again why they are right, and you are wrong….

What a waste….

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