Life’s Challenges

Posted on Wednesday 30 December 2015

So , you may, or not, have wonder erred where I went to. I know it’s been a while.

Well the short story is. I had a stroke a year last July. My right side was wiped out and is very slowly coming back.  Still can’t type properly, which is why I have taken so long to reply. Matter of fact I am hunting and pecking and autocorrecting on my iPad with my left hand – quite tedious.

So why keep the site up, if I can’t type you ask… Simple answer really if you know this site – Gipp Forester.

I still get lots of hits for people looking for him, it seems to be the main reason this site exist. Yes, he may be gone now, and never realized the impact he had but people still want his stories and words of comfort – he had so much to share….he’ll be missed but many will go on listening to him.

We’re there tech challenges over the last year and a half, yes but typing about them wasn’t something I could do easily – so maybe next time.

Till then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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