OK I Give Up!!! – Part 4!!!!

Posted on Monday 12 May 2014

Ok, comments are working now BUT 😯

It would seem while the “normal” user could not leave any comments – the spammers have been working around the clock anyways… obviously accessing the comment files directly!  👿

I managed to find an older version of the file that was corrupted – which is good as some of my other tools seem broken for the moment ( my web hosting service having gone under several new companies might have something to do with this… )  😕

So while I can restrict, somewhat, some of the spammers. Some seem to be getting through besides that… which means I have to do some work behind the scenes now to make obvious files become way less obvious ( I hope  😥  )

Having broken tools doesn’t make my life any easier either… Got to get them fixed first I think.

Wish me luck – I think I’m going to need it!  🙄

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