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Posted on Sunday 18 July 2010

There has been a fair bit of interest generated the article I wrote about my Beamz. I have to tell you it’s a pretty neat/addictive device. The more I play with it the more I like it.

Even my 5 & 7 year old grandsons enjoy playing it. They really like to use it as an air guitar – one hand playing the Beamz ( picture their hand where the neck of the guitar should be, only playing with the lasers in the Beamz ), the other strumming the air guitar. I gotta tell you it’s great fun to watch them having fun with it!

I’ve also upgraded my system now so that it includes the Beamz Studio and making your own unique music ( that can then be played in 100’s of different ways ) is pretty easy and amazing! I hope to have a separate article about that some time later.

What I’m excited about right now is that  I’ve been talking with the company, and they have arranged for me to have a coupon that can save you shipping costs ( if you are shipping outside the US you will probably still have duty and taxes to pay depending upon where you live ) AND also give you 10 free extra songs when you register your Beamz with them!Just go to their website, click on shop ( at the very top ), add the system that you want and then go to the checkout where you will see the spot where you can enter the coupon/promotion code. It’s really that simple.

The Coupon code is BEETH and I’ve included below an image of the coupon if you wish to print it off.  If you are considering getting the Beamz why not save a few dollars when you do – I wish I had had this opportunity but I’ve made sure that others will.


As there seems to be a lot of interest, and I’m getting a lot of hits, because of the Beamz, I’ve now made a category called My Beamz. Where you can find any and all articles that I’ve written about this great little device.

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