The XP iCloud Connection

Posted on Saturday 15 October 2011

So as you are no doubt aware by now – I have an iPhone and an iPad and a Windows XP environment within Virtualbox on my Ubuntu server to back them up and maintain them.

How does this all fit in with Apple’s new release of IOS 5 and their new iCloud structure? The quick answer is that Apple never planned for it…. as a matter of fact, they never even planned for Windows XP to be around to support it… so for those of you who hoped you could interconnect all three together (as it’s so well advertised) – you can “almost” forget it.

The reason I say almost is because, although Apple is on record as not supporting Windows XP with the iCloud, I managed to actually find a “bit” of a work around for it. And that is what I am going to share with you today.

The workaround information is courtesy of a You-Tube video out there if you are interested…which I’ve embedded below. It can be found at

And I give them full credit for it. If you want the steps written down for “easier access” I include them here along with a few other links and suggestions.

The only thing that connected with the iCloud on my system was Outlook Express ( I usually use Thunderbird, but Apple only syncs with Outlook. ) make sure that it us installed and configured to work with your email before proceeding. Otherwise the solution will hang looking for something to sync with. You may or may not have other Windows applications that might work with iCloud, but I did not and so I can’t confirm if they will work or not.

Some Important Pre-Requisites

  • You will need a RAR unarchiver like WinRAR. WinRAR IZARC, which is free to use/evaluate for 30 days and can be downloaded here:
  • You will also need a special editor, called the ORCA MSI editor. It’s free, but hard to find. You can find a copy here:


Once the prerequisites are installed you are ready to proceed…

How to configure XP to work with the iCloud

  • Download iCloud for Windows from the Apple site and ignore their cautions about needing Visa or Windows7
  • Right click on the package you downloaded in the previous step and extract all files using WinRar. You should have 6 or so files.
  • Depending upon your version of Windows (32 or 64 bit) right click on the appropriate version of iCloud.msi and select “Edit with Orca”
  • A Window will open. Left Click on the “Launch Condition” in the left hand column
  • Then in the Right column click on the second line that says “VersionNT>=600 [ProductNameLoc” requires that your computer is running Windows Vista or newer”
  • Then click on “Cut Row” and then hit save ( looks like a little floppy ) and exit the program.
  • Now you are ready to install iCloud on your XP machine. To install it, just open the iCloud msi file that you just edited.


And that’s it – everything “should” work… at least in my case my email did – LOL. Good luck – let me know how things turn out!

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  1. CLH Said,

    I tried to download the free WinRAR software. It asks for an email address to validate the user, but I did not get an email. How long does it take to receive and/or is there another application that can be used or another way to get WinRAR?

  2. Rick Said,

    Hey Casey – I never validated it – it should work without any of that. However if you are having problems you can always use one of the other Free un-archivers out there. My favorite is IZARC which I’ve installed on several other machines including my wifes…. I’m not sure why I went with recommending WinRar – save for the fact that I was in a hurry I guess – sorry about that. I’ll modify the original text to refer to IZARC in future.


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