OK I Give Up – Part 2!!

Posted on Friday 9 May 2014


I thought I had found a nice compromise on Captcha programs… You know those irritating things that you have to fill in to prove you are a person that everyone is using these days.

It was pretty simple, essentially numbers (written out in words)  put into a math problem and all one had to do is give the correct answer to post a comment.

Well it stopped some of the crap… ok actually a LOT of it  😈 but I was still getting anywhere from 10 to 30 SPAM comments a day. Again the filter caught it all, but I still had to wade in and make sure no innocent comments got lost ( as has happened in the past  🙁  )

So I started flailing around looking for something else today. I’m not sure if the spammer ( I’m assuming one ) was smart enough to write a script or code or just got blisters from all the typing ( I’m hoping the latter  😀 )

A lot of the stuff out there requires registration, or access to the server, or other uglies and I really didn’t want to go there… So I finally found this one… which I am NOT going to name, just in case someone out there is posting solutions to the various programs out there.  😯

So here is hoping this one works – for a while at least… wish me luck!

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