Posted on Tuesday 4 March 2014

When I was a kid, a long LONG time ago now, I dreamt of the day when hover cars would cover the road. GM actually even sent me some prototype information on cars it thought it would have by the 1990’s.

Well that’s long gone now and the closest we’ve ever come to hover cars and the like are those fan propelled hover craft or vertical jet engine take offs that the Harrier uses.

Well today I felt like a kid again… Remember “Back to the Future II”? The one where there’s this hover board – here’s a pic…


Marty Grabs Hoverboard

Well, I’m really REALLY happy to say – that it’s now a REALITY! Holy Smokes!

Check This out!

If that doesn’t blow your mind NOTHING will – the implications are PHENOMINAL!!

Their countdown clock infers that it will be available in December…. I feel like a little kid again – WOW

Check out HuvrTech – and Welcome to the future!


There is a group out there who says this is all just a marketing play – I hope not… I know the technologg would be ground breaking and it is odd that they showed it off in a parking lot. I really should have researched this more before posting (and sending out all sorts of excited emails 🙁 )

If it’s a marketing ploy they should be ashamed of themselves – for some of us it wont be very funny if it is. So for both sides of the story here are some links stating it’s a scam:

There’s others out there who posted positive comments, as I did. And of course there are more negatives as well… Bottom line, I guess I’ll have to wait until Christmas to find out for sure… If it’s not real, then it’s a dangerous prank, as they are playing with the emotions of so many of us who had thought, then hoped we could crack this barrier… It won’t be looked at as funny, cute, or even nice and will put what ever product they were selling on my no buy list…. ahhh but if it’s real….

My hopes and dream are for it being real…. Time will tell.

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