Can’t get a CBC Podcast?

Posted on Monday 19 April 2010

I was lamenting my lot today. CBC radio has this wonderful show called “The Age of Persuasion” which has tons and tons and tons of insight into the advertising world, how it works, where it came from etc etc. It’s one of my most favourite CBC radio shows. And of course I yet again caught the last 5 minutes of the show again today…

Unfortunately, ( I’m assuming here ) because of all the commercial content played which has been  created by the various advertisers, CBC has yet to release a Podcast ( a subscription service that allows recordings to be automatically downloaded via software ) available.

They do allow one to manually go in and download the current session, and they do broadcast the most current session several times a week on both the radio and the Internet, but I just don’t have the time  ( or the memory if truth be told ) to remember to go in and download and save each session when it is released. Even if I remembered it would be a lot of work….. and yes while I am retired I DO have other things that I like to do, and yet others that NEED to get done… 😯

So today, I yet again tested the magical waters called Google…. and hit pay dirt!

There is actually someone out there who seems to like doing this as a hobby AND he has made all the past and future recordings of CBC radio that is not available as a Podcast yet, into their own Podcast – Brilliant! So now my little software is happily churning away picking up all the full episodes that I previously missed and I will be putting them onto CD so that I can listen to them on the long drives that we still do.

If you are looking for the Podcast for “The Age of Persuasion” the go to, you’ll be glad you did. There is very little personal information about the individual(s) who are making this available – so I have no one to thank personally. So in general, let me just thank them and those like them who go the extra mile in making such a service available for free. It is greatly appreciated!

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