Worms in My CherryPal Bing

Posted on Tuesday 4 May 2010

I’ve been avoiding this article for too long now. It must be the Canadian in me… or maybe I’m just too much of a procrastinator.  I am (  for now at least ) still a big supporter of the CherryPal computer concept. You can still click on the link under Favourites on my  right side menu to get to them ( and no I don’t get paid for it. )

It all  started with my buying my wife a CherryPal Bing for her birthday. I have to tell you she was some excited to see it. It’s extremely sleek, light and just plain sexy. Even today, in-spite of the problems/worms we have run into, she loves it.

CherryPal’s idea is brilliant. They promise an amazing computer for an even more amazing price. Their focus is on 3rd world countries, but they also make their computers readily available for buyers in North America and Europe. They promise you a computer with a guaranteed minimal configuration, so that you know what you would at least be getting, and then deliver either that or something better… again all for an unbelievable price.

They do this by essentially buying up the trailing edge of technology. Acquiring the older hardware that most other computer companies  no longer want and put it together in a reliable package  with affordable or even free software ( Windows CE, XP & Linux ) One might not be able to play the latest and hottest 3D super game on the market, but you’ll be able to connect to the Internet and doing everything that most households need or want to do with a computer.

This article, I had hoped, was to be a review of all the great features, affordability and just plain great fun one could have with the machine. Unfortunately, as the title says, I found a few worms that need to get fixed before the CherryPal I bought can meet all of that.

The really sad part ( from where I stand ) is that most of CherryPal’s problems seem to have stemmed from their moving their manufacturing to China ( which many will then say is no surprise these days. ) I have to tell you, if I was in manufacturing, after reading all I’ve read about the problems getting anything built properly in China, I would certainly think twice about risking my company and it’s reputation by moving production there. If I had to move anywhere today it would be India and India must be laughing all the way to the bank!

I had thought that I would be writing about how great an experience the Bing is.  My expectations were that I would get at least two good articles about CherryPal for my blog. I actually mentioned this to Max Seybold the CEO of CherryPal when I first started talking to him about some odd issues I had discovered. Unfortunately the minor issues became bigger ones and my communication with Max slowly trailed away ( I am assuming this is more because of  his job as CEO and all that entails. )

So all this is just  to say that I will be writing more than a couple of articles now, as I have a few things to fix. My next posting will lay out what I found and  following articles will deal with how I ( hopefully ) fixed them.

Stay Tuned…..

An addendum…. due to the problems found in updating the license and the lack of any support, I have removed CherryPal from my list of recommended favourites.

End Article
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