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Posted on Monday 21 February 2011

There is this great new ( for me 😉 ) forum for the Kindle that I think everyone needs to check out. Suffice to say it’s called the Kindle Users Forum. It will give you not only access to a lot of good information about what is happening in the Kindle World, but it will also give you a way to subscribe to ANY website that offers an RSS or News feed – which is HUGE for when you are traveling! This will help all of you who may have subscribed to newsfeeds using, which has now shut down this service.

The trick is that you will need to download and install on your kindle a “book” application that is available off of the kindle users forum. This book has approximately 50 already available newsfeeds but more can be added later using their web interface.

I’ve found that the easiest way to get the feed you want  on the book you installed is to:

  1. Set up the feed online through your normal web browser on your computer after you have logged into the forum. The Kindle User Forum will then assign it a number based on your account.
  2. On the kindle, open up the book and go to tools then add a new feed. Page down to page 2 and enter the number you generated in step 1. Then open that feed.

In future that feed will be presented at the top of your “book” along with any other feeds you have subscribed to. Just click on the feed link and it will open automatically in your Kindle Browser.

You can certainly do all this on your Kindle, but I find that the ease of using the computer and cutting and pasting links and such to be so much easier. Now note that I really glossed over the instructions. I just wanted to show how easy it was. Follow the prompts and guides online and you shouldn’t have any issues.
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