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Posted on Tuesday 24 August 2010

So as you may ( or maybe not ) have noticed. I had a bit of a problem with a video on my last post. The problem was that I inserted a link to a you-tube video that ended up being removed and since it was the center of my story, it was kind of hard to understand what I may have been rambling about without viewing it. Well today that has been solved thanks to a great little plugin for WordPress that allows my site to become a Flash Video Player. It’s called the Hana FLV Player.

The reason I went with this little gem was that it was simple and straightforward to use, had no restrictions vis-a-vis what your site may or may not be about ( private or commercial ), was very flexible and very configurable AND most importantly – FREE! 😆

What I was also impressed with was that it was already configured to work with my blog without having to adjust any of it’s settings, and it has lots of settings! Pretty well everything is configurable. It has become so popular now that they even have their own support forum now -> wpmarketing.org/forum/forum/wp-plugin-hana-flv-player

Here is how you would implement it and adjust quite a few settings ( which again were not necessary on my blog .) You would just add the following code (using the appropriate address of the real video you want to show ) in the text of your posting:

   description="Sarah is having fun in a merry-go-round"

As you can see it’s quite simple to use and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs!

I would recommend this package/plugin to anyone, who has a WordPress blog, who is wanting to embed ANY internet video ( that’s right you don’t have to host it on your own site – all you need is the URL or address ). I’m thinking that in future I’ll use this engine to play any and all future videos that I might want to post. It’s a great tool to have in your blogging quiver!

Till next time!

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