HPLIP & Catching Up – Again

Posted on Monday 16 June 2008

Man, time flies when you are having fun… or not…

You have once again probably noticed that I haven’t been on for a while. That’s due to a combination of things, from family related matters (requiring lots of travel and time away, ) to just taking care of day to day “stuff” and grandkids and and and…. Whoever said that one gets even busier when one is retired was absolutely right!

That being said – it isn’t that I haven’t had time to “play” with new toys and/or software, but the problem has been in finding the time to write about them! Plus, us old guys have this memory problem and can only hold so much data (which I try to get down on electronic paper within this blog for your pleasure ) and I have reached my “buffer” limit and am starting to lose stuff about which I wanted to talk about! Soooooooooo I am going to make a concerted effort over the next couple of days to get what I still remember onto the blog so that we BOTH can remember it <grin>.

First off let me finish off or close the book on my HPLIP issue (see last article ). It would seem that I am on my own now to figure out what may or may not be working with my HP1000 and why it won’t print across the network. The boys back at HPLIP have washed their hands of it, not finding any “major” issues to fix, they just simply stated that they don’t support any Network Printing Issues… Can’t say as I blame them and I still think the problem is in the had off over to HPLIP – it certainly acts like it is printing – it just never gets there…

I guess I’ll have to just tweak and play with it in my “spare time” – like I have any right now …. sigh … I guess I will have to keep an eye open for a couple of updates for both CUPS and HPLIP and hope one of them fixes the issue for me. For now it is the biggest show stopper for me moving over to Ubuntu full time – I share this printer (connected of course to the box that I want to switch over ) with all the other networked printers within the household and would be lynched if I turned off access to it!

If I get it fixed – you’ll be the first to know… that is if I can find the time to write about it…. sigh…. till next time then …

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