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Posted on Wednesday 18 June 2008

One of the Windows based tools I have had to use recently, has been in my arsenal of video editing tools for quite a while. It’s called EasyMpeg MX and it is the easiest and fastest video editor that I have ever seen!

To make matters even better, they have a Freeware “Lite” version that you can try (and it works just as quickly and as simple and easy as the full package ) to see just how quickly editing and pasting videos can be. I liked it so much that I purchased their full “MX” version which gave me more flexibility with editing various Video Formats AND most importantly let me edit and create a video file larger than 2GB !

Their own words tell it all:

Someone said that edit a mpeg file is diffcult and time-consuming, but you will found it is so simple and quick under EasyMPEG™ . EasyMPEG’s friendly user interface will have you editing and playing video with ease. Integrated with optimized MPEG editing based on the “Result-Now” technique, MPEG Player and MPEG Demultiplex/Multiplex feature, EasyMPEG provides you with the tools that professional editors use, within a simple, easy-to-use interface.

This editor is FAST and you can quickly paste different scenes together and watch and save the results almost instantly! I have Pinnacle Studio and Cyberlink and several other Video Editing/Creating packages out there, but none of them compare to this little gem.

I start off all my projects with it, cutting out what I don’t want and cleaning up what I do. Once that is done, I then move over to the larger project packages to put together a new DVD, AVI or MPEG4 file. This tool saves me HOURS if not DAYS worth of effort putting together video projects!

A case in point:

After spending a wonderful week on our daughters latest Cruise ship, watching her sing and perform (and of course Video Taping it all, ) I then took the six shows on (approximately 6 hours of video ) dumped them on to 3 DVD’s and transferred them to my computer (without doing any conversion to the VOB files. )

Using EasyMpeg MX I was able to edit the raw VOB (the type of file that is actually found on the DVD itself ) files and cut out all of her performances into separate parts and did a side by side comparison, choosing which files I would like to put into a single DVD compilation (still in the VOB format! )

Then using Cyberlinks Power Producer (more on that in the next article ) I was able to take the selected VOB files (again without converting them ) and put them onto a single DVD with a menu and play-all structure.

The final disk was published in less than two days – if you were counting total hours effort – I would have to say under eight hours and most of that was spent in comparing cuts and the menu design. The actual selection of all the cuts using EasyMpeg MX took less than an hour!

I’ve tried using Pinnacles Studio software and Cyberlink’s DVD Suite of tools as well as many, many other video editing and video producing packages out there. They are all cumbersome, slow and difficult to use when compared to EasyMpeg MX!

This is a piece of software that every home and even professional video editor should have! On a star rating of 1-5 EasyMpeg MX scores a 6 plus in my book.

Check it out – you won’t be disappointed – it really is an amazing “must have” tool!

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