Pastebin – A Great and Free Troubleshooting Aid

Posted on Thursday 29 May 2008

So I have been working with Aaron over at HPLIP trying to resolve an issue that I am having with that troublesome printer that I talked about yesterday. Thanks to his great product I am now able to print to my HP1000 within Ubuntu but for some reason, when that one printer is networked any prints to that particular printer go missing…

I’m sure it’s something I’ve done (or not done ) on my end here and we are sharing quite a bit of information back and forth trying to get a handle on where the problem may lay.

One of the biggest tools in any administrators bag of tricks are the debugging or error logs. However they can generate a lot of data (as in thousands and thousands of lines within seconds sometimes ) and it becomes rather cumbersome to share this information within emails or worse yet blogs.

Well, in chatting with Aaron, he put me on to another wonderful site that I did not know about but of course have to share with you. It is a totally free service by a gentleman called Paul Dixon who manages his own blog BUT also makes this facility free to those who need it. The link for it is…

Here you can just copy and past whatever large logs or text that you wish to share with another individual. Once you past the document you just click SAVE and instantly a web page is generated that you can then share with your colleagues (saving tons and tons of bandwidth, blog pages and email in-boxes ) all you have to send them is the link to that particular page (instead of all the text held within it! ) Awesome!

You can even set the length of time that you would like the web page to stay available from days to forever…

This is a great, simple and amazing collaboration tool that I will be making more use of in future. Hopefully you too will find it of benefit – and of course make this posting worth the effort that I put into it <grin>.

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