Saturday Morning Google

Posted on Saturday 15 September 2007

While I’m going to try and make a habit of avoiding any postings on the weekend, I thought I would pass on a few tidbits that I recently came across.

It all started last night, when we sat down and watched a show on The Biography Channel on TV about The Google Boys . While the show was a little dated (2005) it still gave a wonderful insight into both, where Google came from, how it might work and where it might be heading. So, over-all it was worth spending the time watching it.

So I was already set up, and this morning, while looking for something to read with my coffee, I dropped into my office to pick up my current book on CSS and noticed a couple of articles on my RSS feed at the bottom of my monitor. While I can’t remember what caught my eye, it was talking about Google ratings, and it led me on a wild ride through various websites and used up most of my morning. Anyone who gets lost in an encyclopedia set (showing my age?) will know what I mean. 🙂

One of the first sites that I found of interest was which listed it’s wonderful title as “your daily dose of narcissism.” Of course my website didn’t have any links (as it is still too new), but I enjoyed viewing a couple of other websites that have been around for a while and saw how useful it could be down the road.

I then found some other wonderful links to marketing your website. After all, don’t we all want to get our name out there? Otherwise why are we on the web? One article I really enjoyed was hosted on a WordPress blog site titled “71 Link Building Tips to Market your Website“, it had a wealth of information with links to other sites that would help you become more well known.

One of the links it recommended was an older directory tracker for social bookmarking called DMOZ which is actually an open directory project, still being reviewed and built by hand. I spent a long time there just trying to find a category to list myself in, and needless to say found all sorts of wonderful other distractions that I will have to go back and check out later. Oh, and needless to say I submitted my website, in hopes of being accepted in their index – time will tell I guess…

At this point I thought, well, since I’m finding some goodies, why not share it with you and so I started this article, in spite of my best intentions of not writing on the weekend. Ah well, with me one never knows.

My coffee is now finished, and everyone is up and wanting breakfast, and so the rest of my day begins…

End Article

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