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Posted on Friday 14 September 2007

Wow, while trying to identify colors and shades that I wanted to change on my web page, I stumbled upon a great freeware tool for Windows. It’s called Absolute Color Picker 3.0, it appears to have been developed by Eltima Software and given out to the world for free!

The tool itself installs easily and uses up a very small amount of disk space (under one and a half megabytes.)

The only problems that I have encountered are minor and easily overcome if one pays attention:

  1. On installation it didn’t put a shortcut or link into the start menu
  2. It is sensitive to double clicks and closes down if you aren’t careful

You have your choice of color palettes to work with. From three interactive swaths of color controlled by what looks like a rainbow color slider, to stacks of colored pens, to a hexagon of colored bubbles, to the traditional blocks of color.

All these palettes are then adjusted by a series of what I would color equalizers. On two palettes you can also adjust the saturation rate and brightness. It is also possible to flip from one palette to the next without changing the color selection.

It comes with an amazing built-in tool, exactly what’s needed if you are trying to identify a color or shade to match your current graphic or picture. It has a color sampler that can be used on anything you see on the screen. With this tool there is no longer any guesswork or trial and error to get exactly the right color. You can pick it right up off the screen and it will adjust all the color palettes automatically to match it!

Once you are satisfied with your color, you can check the programs display. There you will find the codes for that specific color in both the Hexadecimal and Decimal format. Take the appropriate code, type it into the page source or box on your graphics tool that uses the code and you will instantly create the exact color you were looking for.

On reviewing their website this program seems to run on everything (except Vista) since Windows95.

This program is a real winner, the price is right and the functionality is awesome. If you are looking for a tool that will save you a lot of time by letting you sample screen colors and adjust them, all for free, this is it!

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