A Long Time Between Postings This Time

Posted on Friday 18 October 2013

Yep – once again it’s been a while, not sure whether it was because I was too busy doing other stuff, too lazy, or too something else…. it just happens.

Well I have to say it is that time of year again, Fall is upon us and soon Winter will arrive and with it Christmas… I can tell it’s Fall because yet again the annual search for Gipp Forster is underway. It’s the #1 reason people are coming to my website again…

I had hoped by now, that Dale Baglio would have finished polishing Gipp’s second CD and put it up on CDBaby, but it isn’t there yet. I’m really glad I managed to get a copy through Gipps connection to Senior Living… Dale also told me that he had enough material to publish a third CD from extra material that he and Gipp were working on. He had hopes to have it out over the summer, in plenty of time for Christmas, but alas nothing yet.

The other reason I am posting this little blurb is the #2 reason people are visiting my site right now… not to read anything in particular, but to post SPAM! There is obviously a tool, database, something out there that helps Spammers find sites that haven’t been posted to for a while. I say posted, because I frequently update the software and maintain my website, I just don’t get around to talking about it!

Anyways, the Spammers come in and randomly grab one of my postings and make absurd comments on it, with tons of links to all sorts of other garbage that they are hoping to make money on! The frequency of this happening has increased dramatically over the past two weeks…

Thankfully, for any real reader, you don’t see any of that. My system is set up to remove obvious Spam and anything that isn’t obvious ( comment wise ) is set aside for me to review and delete accordingly.

They must know this by now, so they must be trying to rig the Google system some how, with the linking and hidden comments…. what ever they plan it doesn’t work because all Spam comments are removed within 24hrs regardless – either automatically or manually by yours truly… I might have to post a few more articles on what I have been up to for a while just to get myself off of what ever list these idiots use…. sigh…

Till next time then!

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