Talking with Mr. Christmas

Posted on Saturday 22 December 2012

So as you may, or maybe not, have recalled I got a little concerned when the links that I had found where one could purchase Gipp Forster’s CD’s showed none were available. The result was I sent a “Hail Mary” email ( a la football’s Hail Mary Pass – throw it out there and hope someone can catch it ) to every source that I had previously found related to Gipp Forster and it was from all those contacts that I discovered that Dale Baglio is working with Gipp to move his recordings over to CDBABY.COM and in turn Amazon and iTunes and others.

By the way I’m still waiting for the CD’s to be available, Dale told me that the first CD was uploaded a day ago, and it usually takes 48 hours for CDBaby to make the CD available either to purchase as an actual CD or download individual tracks or entire CD’s. Trust me, I’ll let you know when that happens. Dale is also hoping to have Gipp’s second CD available on Monday ( fingers crossed. )

Well that email blast I sent out is still bouncing around out there and it finally landed on the man’s desk himself… well sort of. Thankfully I had included my phone number on that email, and Gipp himself called me because of it… It would seem by the way that Gipp is “slightly” challenged technologically. He doesn’t use a computer, nor does he have email, but thankfully his wife does and she eventually got a copy of my email forwarded to her, which she gave to Gipp.

I have to tell you that he is as warm and as charming on the phone as he is in person, it was a real pleasure talking with him and I do hope I get the chance to do it again.

Gipp confirmed that he is indeed working with Dale to make his CD’s available online for anyone who wants them to purchase.

We talked about his CD’s, and some of his hopes and dreams where this and other things can go.

I thought I’d share some of that with you.

The CD’s, for the most part were made, for lack of a better word, in-house with Dale doing most of the musical production and electronic studio work and Gipp adding his magic. The CD’s were mainly sold at his Christmas Garage – you can see a video of that beautiful scene here,  if you haven’t already. And due to some demand he then sold them through the SeniorLiving magazine site. Gipp would package up a box of each CD and send it to the magazine. But the problem was, with all this effort, it was costing them more to make and ship the CD’s than what they were charging for it! Here is hoping that these digital versions finally start delivering some income for Gipp and his family and charities that they so richly deserve!

Once Dale gets Gipp’s two CD’s published online, they have plans to create a third Christmas CD over the summer. I for one can hardly wait!

Gipp told me that he has stacks and stacks of material that he has written and has never found a way to get it out there – they couldn’t afford to keep making CD’s and he is worried that it all may be lost over time. Hopefully Dale and Gipp can perform some concentrated magic to get as much of it published as they can. He has talks on many subjects and has actually published 6 audio works, the other four as I understand it was on LP ( Vinyl Record .)

Gipp told me of one story, where he was working with a new recording company to put out one of his LP’s and I believe he sold 50,000 of them within a very short window, with some people driving hundreds of miles to one of the few stores that carried it. The recording company was so pleased that their experiment succeed so well, that they closed shop and did something else…. sad but true.

Gipp has writings on all sorts of subjects, and even offers to do specialized ones for individuals ( check out his website – set up by his wife I believe – .) His wife said that it has never really generated any business, which kind of boggles my mind really  as he really has a magical way with words and stories. Gipp also mentioned that he has several special writings for Remembrance Day, which I for one know would surely be picked up by every Legion in Canada for starters.

I really thing everyone ( even though Gipp doesn’t think that many ) loves his Christmas stories, they are magic. Hopefully by moving to the digital age and making his recordings readily available to so many, we can all prove just how valuable he is to us. And it will give him the income and incentive to get his other writings recorded, and his old LP’s digitized and out there.

To be with us forever.

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