Christmas Time Again

Posted on Thursday 13 December 2012

Well here we are again. Merry Christmas everyone  😀

This is the time of year that I like most – when 100’s of people are in search of the mythical Gipp Forster once again. He really is elusive isn’t he.

It would seem that once again he has snuck past my best intentions and made his music very hard to purchase. Why he isn’t on Amazon or iTunes just boggles my mind and every year I try to contact him, or someone else to try and make it happen and every year it seems I fail. I do apologize.

I have found several online sources where you can listen to him, where with a bit of ingenuity once could record his CD’s while listening so that one would have their own copy for ever after, but I’d rather not do that (for starters that would just be more and more links I’d have to keep updating). I’m hoping for a permanent solution first, but we’ll see…

Here is an interesting fact for you – over 30% of ALL my web traffic comes from searches for Gipp Forster, and since late September ( save for the real spammers out there ) over 95% of the traffic to my site has been because of Gipp.

So to aid people once again with what research I have done, instead of listing all my posts here – I am going to create a Category called Gipp to make my, and hopefully everyone elses Christmases just a little easier! You should be able to CLICK HERE to get the entire listing. Or click on Gipp on my side panel listing of Categories.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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