Who Killed the Electric Car

Posted on Monday 8 September 2008

We sat down to watch a movie last night. Actually it was a documentary, something that I thought would cover the history of the Electric Car and end with explaining that while it isn’t yet “viable” soon, real soon there might be something coming … some day… maybe…

This movie. Who Killed the Electric Car, is a movie that EVERYONE has to see, especially our children who will inherit this mess after we are gone.

I never knew that less than 10 years ago, the electric car had actually arrived AND succeeded! All the major manufacturers had developed at least one model and were leasing them in California! Ford, GM, Toyota to name just a few.

These cars could be charged at home over night and then driven into the city (or wherever for local driving) and there were even recharging stations set up! There were electric Cars, Trucks and Vans that looked and drove like any other car on the road. Mechanics loved them because all they ever had to do was to check the tires and top up the windshield fluid!

These were not “hybrids” nor Fuel Celled vehicles – they had NO Emissions! Their drivers LOVED THEM!

Unfortunately you could only lease themat the time, and once California had been convinced to “change” their Zero Emissions legislation – they no longer became available. Plus, since the cars were only available by lease, their happy owners could not buy them after the lease was up, nor could they re-lease them! If they refused to return then once their lease was up, they faced legal reprucusions!

GM was the worst of the bunch, as they accumulated their leased stock, they would truck them out to their “proving grounds” where they were then crushed/destroyed and made unuseable and unviewable by anyone! I will never EVER buy or lease a GM product again…

I was so angry after watching this movie that I was vibrating an hour later. This is a MUST SEE movie. If your local video rental place doesn’t have a copy then buy a copy from Amazon or download it off your favorite torrent.

After you watch the movie, check out the following links to find out what is happening today with Electric Cars

You have to see this move. You have to make sure that “Big Business” doesn’t do this again. Get educated, get smart…

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