I’m still here…

Posted on Monday 21 April 2008

Sorry about that. As you may have noticed – I disappeared for a while there…

It sort of happens with me – I get wrapped up in one or a bunch of other things and time just kind of flows by. I like to say I’m "In the Zone" but my wife refers to it as being "not on this planet"…. Almost the same thing…

It’s not like I haven’t been busy… I just haven’t been keeping everyone up to date about it. I’ve recently tackled updating our "books" and accounts for income tax time and of course getting everything filed as well. We’ve also had a busy time with family of late and had to do a lot of traveling. And thankfully did a bit of traveling for ourselves as well…. all that being said, I’ve also still been battling technical demons (or daemons for you teckie types…)

I’ll probably be popping in and out over the next couple of weeks until things settle down. However tomorrow will start an article that will probably go on for several sections – it’s a doozy of an issue that I have been battling, with all sorts of side excursions to make life interesting…. so hang in there, more is on the way <grin>

End Article

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