Stop the Insanity!

Posted on Saturday 23 February 2008

You know…one of the links that I used on my last posting, about Wii Sports, gave an overall fair review of the game but the reviewer couldn’t help but ‘dis the graphics. He said that they were too simple, and almost primitive. I guess he forgot that the main thing about any game is its playability – not how “real” it looks or acts.

Today, I turned on the TV to watch “tech tv”, to see if there was anything worth watching. They were reporting from the GDC (Game Developers Conference) and one of the things that they were excited to show us was the latest preview for a new game that was coming out soon… Gears of War 2 for the X-box – and I purposely did not put a link to it… Find it yourself if you wish…

The crux of the commercial was two graphic “warriors” armed, obviously to the teeth, with at least one of them carry what looked like a cross between the ultimate rifle and a chainsaw on steroids. The colors were basically flowing shades of blood red and the two characters were essentially fighting almost hand to hand.

As it is a “quick” preview, the fight quickly ends and the apparent “winner” turns his back. At that moment the other “downed” warrior picks up his chainsaw/rifle and rips out the back of his competitor with appropriate fluids flying… All I could say was what the %$##@!!!!

There is NO reality in any of that – so why are they trying to make the carnage look so REAL! This game isn’t alone. This sort of crap has been going on for a long, LONG time! When is it going to stop!

Don’t get me wrong, I love realistic graphics (as long as there is a good, playable game to go with it) and like it or not, warfare seems to be almost inevitable with us (take a look at your history books or even the evening news.)

Most computer war-games are focused around the player becoming a hero in one form or another and heaven knows we can all use a few more hero’s in our life (computer generated or otherwise.) Without a doubt realistic trees, buildings, tanks, planes, horses, people… whatever… can make the game that much more enjoyable.

But designing games to attract those whose libido gets a kick from gore, guts, blood and mayhem is to be blunt – insane! Someone who revels in this sort of thing needs help – seriously! If a movie was to include the amount of bloody garbage that some of these games have – it would be banned as pornographic! Yet our society allows it to be put on a shelf and sold (albeit with a warning) to just about anybody!

I’m all for free speech – but this stuff isn’t free speech it is out and out pandering to the lowest common denominator and it sells – big time! There is no realism in these types of games, there isn’t a vet alive who has come back from any of our wars and reveled in the blood and gore that they had to do or put up with so why do we have games and commercials that glorify it!

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy a good “war-game”. I love the strategy and tactics and even sometimes the action of a first person shooter. But I don’t enjoy, and won’t play any game that revels in the gore the way some of these games are designed. And I will never, EVER consider any game that intimates that as its’ focus!

My biggest fear – where and when will it all end? How much worse is it all going to get, before (hopefully) it gets better!

Is anyone out there? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

Please let’s stop the insanity!

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