A WordPress Posting Issue

Posted on Tuesday 29 January 2008

I would like to apologize for the lack of recent postings this last week or so.

I seem to have developed an “issue” with WordPress right now. It is giving me a bit of grief when it comes to writing a post. Whenever I try to add a link I get a blank window instead of an insert window prompting me for the link information. As a result it has dramatically slowed down my writing process.

I like to write the article on-line instead of separately, and I like to add links as I go, but right now to add a link I have to go into the actual source code and enter it manually – which isn’t what I consider fun PLUS it ruins my train of thought (which of course  results in a bit of a wrecked document causing me to start over.)

I know WordPress has released a couple of new upgrades, and I will be trying those out as well as investigating as to whether it is Java, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or all or none of them. So again my apologies and of course, once I get it fixed, you’ll be the first to know…

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