Upgrading a HardDrive – Ubuntu Hits a Homerun

Posted on Tuesday 22 April 2008

I’ve really, over my past few years, come to the realization that the difference between Windows and Unix/Linux is really quite simple.

Windows (Microsoft?) assumes that it should have the final say as to how things are run, and of course what can and obviously what can’t be deleted. A Windows knows best kind of thing… Which kind of explains the fiasco of it’s design when it keeps asking you if your really, really, Really want to do something! (I love Apple’s video ad on this – it shows it like it really is…)

Unix on the other hand, does not assume, it knows that the system owner or administrator is the boss and will do exactly as requested (whether you really really meant to or not.) This attitude can certainly lead a new administrator into disaster, but on the other hand, what ever you want to do (intended or not) it will do. I guess that’s why I like Unix so much – it gets the job done, without concerning itself as to whether that is what you may or may not have wanted to really do.

So suffice to say, I used my Linux Ubuntu installation disk to erase and rebuild that partition that contained my two troublesome files (as talked about earlier today in my previous posting.) Why spend hours trying to figure out, and hopefully do what needs to be done within a windowed environment, when a quick boot into Linux gave me the tool that DID what I had been trying to do all along.

I’m beginning to also question my sanity, as to whether I actually want to continue trying to move my Windows files to a larger drive, or maybe just move over to Linux and be done with it…. Something to consider…..Hhhmmmmmmmm…

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